Thursday, April 22, 2021

Highland Homestead

A snapshot of our little mountain homestead. Highland cattle are in their shelter for the night and fruit has begun to show on the trees. What a wonderful, peaceful existence. 


Little Branch - Plum Tree
Features: Animated, 4 seasons texture menu, copy/mod. On sale at The Mens Dept April 5 - 30

Little Branch - Crispy Grass
Features: Animated, 4 seasons menu, 100% mesh, low lag

Little Branch -Pomegranate Tree
Features: Animated, 4 seasons menu, copy/mod. Includes 2 versions

Little Branch -Snakeweed
Features: animated,100% Mesh, 4 seasons menu, low lag

Little Branch - Grass.V4.1
Features: mesh. low Li . instant rez, zero lag

JIAN Highland Cattle Collection
 Includes Companion, Animated Grazer and Snoozer, Static Chew, Graze Left/right, Graze, Laying Moo, Run, Snooze, Standing Moo, Walk, and Wanderer

JIAN  Highland Cattle Shed

JIAN  Highland Farm Fences 
Includes Short and Tall Gate with 3 version of each. 


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