Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Dreaming of Space Travel

Have a space junkie in your home? This would be the perfect set up, all the way down to a great space bunk! 

  Shopping List

(Sponsors in Bold Print) 

Dictatorshop Verve Club Chair FATPACK v1 PKG
Lap Dance Club Chair comes in Adult or PG versions, Single sitter Club Chair,(all sold seperately),  and Lapdance placement prim. There is also a FATPACK which contains all three chairs in one package for your decorating convenience. All three versions feature a large color selection for fabric, tacks, legs and pillows to allow you to mix and match.  Since these items are modifiable it is possible to tint the various parts if a particular color is needed.The Lapdance Club Chairs have an unusual feature.  Unlike the lapdances in the lapdance menu, the solo female dances (found in her menu under solo) are set up so that the male sitter can choose his own sit independently from the female dancer.  This allows for more individuality and opportunity for expression.  Additionally the male may initiate the solo dances sequence with the SoloFDances button on the main menu.  There are 39 minutes of dances before the loop repeats!  The female has the option to go into her solo menu and choose the solo dance herself if she has a preference or simply use the sequences that best suit her mood.

Additionally when the female first sits she is in a simple flirty stand, to give her the option to choose what she is doing.  There is a solo menu of single chair sits if she is alone or additional stands if she is just chit chatting with a male sitter, and of course the three menus of solo dances. There will be additional items in this line in the near future with the same color options and styling. Exclusive at Swank September 7-30 and 20% off during the event.

Salacity - Starbuck Ship's Bunk (adult)
Working lights, drawers, airlock, Solo and adult animations (MF, FF, MM) At this month's Liaison Collaborative September 3-26!

Supporting Decor to add to ambience:

B's 25! Space Portrait Set

Jigip.com - Basic Telescope FREE | Animated

 Sulamifa - table and lamp "space" 
Lamp glows with slow moving particle to add to the ambience

Rug, Space 14 ~The Rug Shop~

Paradox Co-Op Center (COH) E.T. NPC Model

 SpaceInvaders-ArcadeGame- Created by Arcadia Asylum

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Time for Some Mallow Roastin'

 Got the firepic going and ready to enjoy a cozy moment with Gwennie out roasting some marshmallows by the house!

Shopping List

Little Branch - Weeping Willow Shrub
With realistic animation and a 4 seasons texture menu, these beautiful shrubs will fit anyone's outdoor decor. An exclusive at Uber August 25-September 22

Little Branch - Red Leaf Shrub
Also animated, these lovely red shrubs just in time for fall are on sale at Flourish September 10 - October 4

Little Branch - Oak Grass_Fall*Summer
Little Branch - Fly Agaric Mushrooms Cluster.v2

TYLARS TREASURES -  Old Backyard Firepit -Friends
Sits up to 4 avatars with 10 singles animations including bento, roasting marshmallows, hot cocoa and 2 warming by fire. This item is also available in Adult, Cuddles, and Decor only versions. 

TYLARS TREASURES - Old Backyard Double Seat - Adult Version
Animated with 2 slow dances, male/female single sits, cuddles and adult animations with sequences. Also includes a 5 color texture changer for the seat. This can also be purchased in Cuddles version. 

Includes a texture change by touch menu to change leaves to Fall or Spring. Decor only.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Wizards Den

Candles and Cauldrons -  Baphomet Shelf 
With Items Materials enabled, texture options, with items and empty version included. On sale at  Necrosis August 24- September 7

The Plastik - Occulti Rugs Summoner 
Set includes 3 100% original mesh rugs which are copy/mod

MOoH!- Wizards Den Gacha
Gacha collection consists of 13 commons and 2 rares  to win at 50L/play. This is an exclusive for Enchantment Aug 10 - Sept 1

Saturday, August 24, 2019

LoveCraft's Bedroom

Join us for Innfest - An Innsmouth's 10th Anniversary party and HP Lovecrafts 129th birthday August 20-27!  The Innsmouth region was inspired by the writings of the horror fiction writer Howard Phillips (H.P.)  Lovecraft. He is considered the “Grandfather of Cosmic Horror and Weird Fiction”, inspiring literally all horror, as well as many fantasy and science, fiction authors during and since his time. The Shadows over Innsmouth, written in 1931, is what this great recion was modeled after. A work of the heart, Innsmouth in Second Life was originally founded and created by Darmin Darkes and her team. The region was actually “born” in Second Life on August 20th, 2009, HP Lovecraft’s birthday, making this Innsmouth’s 10th Anniversary in Second Life. If you want a more in depth story check out last month’s issue of Rez Magazine.

For this event, I have highlighted a couple of the FREE items from the souvenir shop as well as some amazing furniture and decor by Tylars Treasures

Tylars Treasures adds each year to this fantastic set. There are also outdoor decor items whieh I did not show in this post, so be sure to go check those out! Shown here are: 
- Tentacle Fireplace with Coral Decor
-Tentacle Chair with single bento animations
Tentacle Rocky Island Lamp (New item this year!)
Tentacle Bed in adult and PG versions, also comes in 2 color choices
Tentacle Legs side table.

The art on the wall is Free and was created by Ruby's Pub & Dagger Gallery. Called, L2019 H.P.'s place SM Lovecraft's home in downtown Brooklyn and  H.P. has read from one of his books. These are both resizeable. 
The coffee mug is also Free and in the souvenir shop. Created by Pixelancer,  it comes with 2 versions, scripted and non scripted as well as your choice of colors to pick from.

Sway's - [Evan] Roll Up Window Blind 
Comes in three versions:   Narrow and wide version, open, closed and up position by menu. Also includes 4 texture options: White, Beige, Brown and Grey. There is also a bright color pack that you can purchase as well.

Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Palms, Sand, and Peace

The Little Branch - Queen Palm
Animated trees move realistically as if the breeze is blowing through the fronds. These are copiable so you can place as many as you wish about your land. You can find this item at Sense event August 18 - September 8

The Little Branch - Bottle Palm{
These are also animated and are available in a fatpack which includes includes 3 versions. Exclusive for Shiny Shabby August 20 - September 15

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Sneaky Puppy

Lunar Seasonal Designs - Menu Driven Tub of Popsicles 
Gives choice of 6 popsicles. Also change the tub from 11 textures. A L$2 hunt gift

Petit Chat -  Joy Short Table L$2 hunt gift

Homebase Furniture - Darkwood Kitchen Table
By touch menu for breakfast and dinner decor

The Artist Shed - Ice Cream Sammich Stack 
 L$2 hunt gift

Bumbershoot - Ice Cream and berries Flapjacks L$2 hunt gift

{BrattyLane} IceCream Pup-Strawberry
 L$2 hunt gift

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Forest Magic

LOVE Homes and Gardens has some amazing items on sale at Mystical Market August 2-14., and I had to take a picture both in daylight and another at night to show you how beautiful these are. They are all copiable so you could decorate an entire sim with some of these.

Shopping List

Includes 2 versions of animated flying objects with both hovering and wandering options

A large variety of ferns are included 

Includes 2 versions of animated flying objects with both hovering and wandering options

A beautiful mirror accent for a mythical look