Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Waiting for Quarantine to be Over


 My family and I are patiently awaiting the time quarantine is over, meantime, we are keeping ourselves busy at home with different activities. Such as card games, television shows, putting unwanted visitors on the rack and those who are horribly combative meet the guillotine. 


Little Branch - Acer Campestre Tree.v2

This tree is mod/copy, animated and includes a 4 season by touch texture menu. Used to enhance the landscaping look are  Little Branch -  WildGrass*1Li{Dry}*Animated and Little Branch - Acer Campestre*Weed*FALL


Tylars Treasures -  Cabin of Death

Furnished with spooky decor including skeletons playing poker and sitting in reading chairsAn exclusive at the Mad Circus 


MOEKO - Nariko Kokeshi gacha 

This cute collection of Japanese dolls has 17 possible commons and 7 rares to be won at Gachaland October 1-31 

Tylars Treasures - Severed Head On a Sword 

Includes dripping blood and by touch on/off sound. An exclusive at the Mad Circus October 10-31


Tylars Treasures - Haunted Wagon with Flying Witch

Witch is animated and moves about. An exclusive at the Mad Circus

Tylars Treasures -   Witchy Pumpkin. This is a decor item for sale at the Mad Circus

Zombie Suicide - Skull Planters 

Choose between 4 options, each with 2 skull options or buy fatpack. These are resizeable so you could mix and match the different textures as well as sizes for a great display. An exclusive at The Darkstyle Fair Oct 2020

Dictatorshop - ROGUE Guillotine  

The ROGUE Guillotines come in two versions, a simplified PG version and a full featured Adult Kink version. Both versions feature auto-rezzing rope cuffs and attachments.  5 Wood Options The blade is animated and can be raised and lowered by clicking on the wheel midway up the guillotine. These are on sale for 20% off exclusively at the Man Cave Event Oct 17 - 12 Nov 12.

Dictatorshop - ROGUE Cross  
The Rogue Cross come in two versions: Display Cross and Bondage Cross. Both versions feature auto-rezzing rope cuffs and attachments.  5 wood options are also available via menu. These are for sale 20% off exclusively at the Hallow Manor Event from 16 Oct - 1 Nov

Khargo Halloween - Pick up Truck - Skulls 

This has 2 spots to sit with couple cuddle and single animations and is experience enabled.An exclusive at the Mad Circus

Magnetic - Wood Cross Signs 

Holy and Unholy versions, single and double sided. This is an exclusive at Mad Circus

Wiccan Wears -   Wall Banner (Hocus Pocus) A prize in the Boo! Bunny Hunt October 3-31

Simple Reflections -  Spooky Spider Wreath

Comes with Texture Changer and is an exclusive at Mad Circus

Simple Reflections -  Balloon Quartet - Halloween candycorn is a 10L gift at Mad Circus



Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A Special VIP Guest?


Come into my parlor and have a drink. The party is soon to start and our special VIP guest shall arrive! Who is it, you wonder? That's a special secret, but you can guess from the pictures on the wall. 


Ok she isn't really coming but I am such a HUGE fan of Laura K Hamilton that I was thrilled to get the chance to blog these quotes. 


Shopping List 


 ZFG (Zero F***s Given) For Home - LKH Quotes Poster Gacha with 12 quotes to collect! At The Gacha Life October 5-31

Khargo Halloween - Skeleton Coffin Bar  This item has animations and a drinks dispenser.  Mix those Cocktails to make your Halloween go with a bang! This is an exclusive at Twe12ve October 12-31

Khargo Halloween - Potted Hand with Broom. This decor item is a 10L special at Mad Circus 6 October 10-31

 Khargo Halloween - Jars  Gacha with 9 spooky jars to collect with 1 rare. This is also an exclusive at The Gacha Life October 5-31

Monday, October 12, 2020

A Tale of Never After and the Lost Boys

  Once upon a time there was a house near the woodlands. This was not an ordinary house and rumors spread far and wide about the resident who lived there. An older woman who grew and dried many herbs, well known for helping with the births in the village. Some called her a healer and others called her a witch. Whatever she was, she didn't deserve what they did to her.. Struggling to keep food on the table and warmth in her home during the winter, she gladly took a request to help a couple of the wealthier merchants' wives to deliver their children. She did so without any issue and the couples thanked her for their blessings. But, they never paid her and while she was away from her home, someone had broken in. This person had scattered herbs all about, torn up her 'recipe' book and destroyed what little she had. What they didn't count on was her ability to 'speak' with her cats who told her the tale of all that transpired. 
Vengeance would be hers, as the children in the village began to vanish one by one. Nobody knew what had happened and mother's could be hear wailing for their babies late into the night. There were rumors of ghosts at the old woman's home, though she had vanished as well. Nobody dared entered that cursed place with skeletons clearly upon display on the couch. At night, if someone listened closely, they could hear giggling and squeals of happiness as the little ghosts danced about within. 

Keep scrolling down for shopping information! 


 Tylars Treasures - 4 Seasons Really Big Tree.  

LOVE - Autumn Leaf Grass which includes 5 versions
Raindale - Dustville scarecrow. Light on/off by touch and materials enabled. It is an exclusive at Trick or Treat Lane

Raindale -  A gravestone for your garden and gift at Trick or Treat Lane
Whats Lost Spirits -  - 2020 Pumpkin - The Finger .
 You can find this pumpkin that echoes many of our sentiments at Necrosis September 25 - October 11

Tylars Treasures  - Old Salem Dead and Breakfast Sign with Sounds. 

LOVE -  Gem Path - Cat's Eyes which i Includes 4 path pieces and is on sale at Trick or Treat October 9 - November 1

LOVE -  Doggo De Muertos Decor with 2 versions included. On sale at Trick or Treat Lane

LOVE -  Old Brick Pentacle Garden Decor - 2 versions included with and without foliage. On sale at Trick or Treat Lane

Puke Rainbows -  Triple Pumpkins Pile - 4 different textures (black/white, black/red. white/pink, and orange/green) An exclusive at Trick or Treat Lane

*papermoon* BEWARE Spooky Sign This sign's letters move and pulse with a glow when you touch! Touch for on/off. Comes in 10 different colors. An exclusive at Trick or Treat Lane

Puke Rainbows - Pumpkins Horizontal Lamps choice of 8 different textures. There are also vertical versions for sale.  Also an exclusive at Trick or Treat Lane

LOVE -  Kreepy Kids Rack is a set of 13 ghost kids also available on sale at Trick or Treat October 9 - November 1

Moonlight Shadow -  Spooky Cauldron 100% mesh, 5 liquid colors.  An exclusive at Trick or Treat Lane


Candle and Cauldron -  Shadow and Light Calendar - Belladonna Includes both hemisphere versions, materials, touch control. Comes in choice of 6 different color versions. An exclusive at Trick or Treat Lane

Candle and Cauldron -  Shadow and Light Rug. This is a gift at Trick or Treat Lane


Velika Rituals - Herbs Drying Rack. This is an exclusive at Trick or Treat Lane

 Dragon Magick Wares  Arcane Rug.  This is a gift at Trick or Treat Lane


MOoH! Don't disturb the cat gacha 

These are the items for The Gacha Life  Oct 5 - 31. They are 50L a try. 14 common and 2 rares

Puke Rainbows -  Shiny Spider Webs 6 different models. On sale at Trick or Treat Lane

NeverWish -  Cauldron Punch Bowl - Potion rotates and is materials enabled. This is a gift at Trick or Treat Lane

 Secret Oktober  - Strange Brew Set Mesh decore set with animated floating eyes (cauldron and Mug) Available in 6 color choices. This is an exclusive at Trick or Treat Lane

Tylars Treasures  - Witches Chair includes 3 animations

Dragon Magick Wares - Sauin Cottage

Mesh, 14x20, and 81 prims. This is an exclusive at Trick or Treat Lane


Friday, October 9, 2020

Halloween Parties, Ghouls and Freaks Converge

 Halloween comes only once a year, and I LOVE this time of year. Especially when I have a party with a bunch of friends at the old house at the edge of the woods. It is surprisingly pretty big once inside, but you'd never realize how many ghouls and guys we can cram in there. Or course, there's always the overflow area outside where we have a nice lesson in herbology and sit around the campfire to tell spooky stories about normal people.. There's a lot to show you here, so I'll just get right to it! Be sure to check out the shopping list at the bottom of the post ♥♥

[TCoD]~ Halloween Skeleton & Crow
This skeleton is crawling right out of the ground with an animated crow to keep him company. Another exclusive at Pumpkin Town 
Famous - Witch Set 
Includes table with decor and stool with 30 sits animations.
An exclusive at Pumpkin Town
Pixelancer ~ Wave v3 ~ Pumpkin Spice 
A pumpkin with moving tentable that waves to those passing by. This is a gift at Pumpkin Town 
Famous - Candlestick 
An exclusive at Pumpkin Town 
Closer to the Heart - The Witch's Respite 
 Includes 4 lawn chairs and witch's broom.
A prize in the Monster Mash Hunt October 1-31
Little 2 Large - Bat's Feast Lantern
Bats and moths appear when light is turned on. A prize in the Monster Mash Hunt October 1-31
Facedesk - Animesh Roamers each sold separately. All include many animations, roaming with obstacle avoid, copy/mod, and sounds. You can even add your own animations and sounds.
These come in your choice of :
- Roaming Animated Skeleton
Animesh Roaming Animated Girl Vampire
Animesh Roaming Animated Mutant
Animesh Roaming Animated Jason 

The Reckless Angel - Freddie the Floaty Ghosty 
Includes 2 versions and is a
prize in the Monster Mash Hunt October 1-31
Lilith's Den - Gdanagla 
Includes Big, Small, Corner deco and Wall deco. This is an exclusive item at
Necrosis September 25 - October 11 

[TCoD] ~ Halloween Horror Bathtub 
This decor item has just the right amount of freaky scary for your haunted house with a hunched over dead body inside. On sale now at  Pumpkin Town October 1-31
[TCoD] ~ Halloween Horror Chest
Chest opens and closes with a crying sound and various body parts inside. Another great item for your haunted house. Also on sale at Pumpkin Town 
Facedesk - Halloween Candles
3 prims, original mesh, touch on/off, copy/mod and amazing detail. 


[TCoD] ~ Frame Dont Touch My ... ! 
A hand with a knife through it, blood splattered about, should be just the warning they need not to touch your.... This sign comes with a HUD for you to put your choice of 6 sayings ( Stuff, Shadow, Dog, Cat, Baby, Ass). An exclusive at Pumpkin Town October 1-31
Laminak - Martha's Table Set 
Includes animations and rez/wearable objects - Applies to the Witches Chair , Cauldron, Spell Book, Table, table & Cloth, Table and Decor, Witches Chair, Helpers Chair, Pestle Mortar and Dishes.
An exclusive at Pumpkin Town
 [Park Place] Old Hallow's Eve Reading Set
 Includes Dusty Round Accent Table, candle Trio Set, and Old Hallow's Eve Wing Chair. A prize in the Monster Mash Hunt October 1-31

SomeOne Stole My Sign - Dem Bones 
Fireplace with on/off for fire by touch. A prize in the Monster Mash Hunt October 1-31

FacedeskBloody Curtains 
 Features: 5 textures, original mesh and flexiprim, copy/mod, and haunting sound when opened.
FacedeskAnimesh Halloween Chair 
 Features: 5 textures, original mesh, 5 modes, copy/mod, and roaming w/obstacle avoidance. This is an exclusive at the Men and Women Jail October 10-30

 The building shown is:
Bee designs Halloween Cottage PG

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Relaxation in Floral Serenity

 This beautiful setting helps towards a great cause. A relaxing floral set with various lighting options to set the ambience of your personal preferences. The candles enhance this look as well and I love how they blended into the rest of the decor.


Petrichor - Ranen Candles 

HUD controlled all inclusive. Tall and Short versions in various thickness choices. Mix and match! At  Panic of Pumpkin opening October 16 

Laminak has a booth at Rock Your Rack with lots of fantastic decor for you

 -  ART - Birds Resting Hunt Item
 - White Oak - Coffee Table
 - Pink Floral Area Rug
 - Garden of Hope -  Floor Lamps 

3 pack original mesh with lighting options Limited Edition Items

- Garden of Hope - Limited Edition Sofa Set

 This will be discontinued after the event) is a sofa set in delicate flowers, plus accessories to compliment, 2 seat sofa and armchair PG or Adult, Original Mesh, materials enabled. .
The 'Gardens of Hope' Sofa Sets come in Adult or PG, and have a texture changer in the throw cushions so you can customise the look to suit your home. 100% of the sales from these items goes direct to the charity.
SLurl to their booth at RYR


Breast cancer is one of the leading health crises for women. 1 in 8 women, and an every increasing percentage of men will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. There is currently no known cure for breast cancer, and its early diagnosis is critical to survival.

Models Giving Back is pleased to present Rock Your Rack, an annual fundraising event combining the best of SL Music, Art and Fashion to support the work of breast cancer charities and raise awareness for early detection which is critical to a positive outcome for this devastating disease.

For a complete listing of events and more details on this year's event, please visit the website:


Modes of Transportation


  Even spooks, goblins and vampires need a mode of transportation when they are too tired to fly or just want to look cool with a new set of wheels. These skeletons are out and ready to assist their employers with some even holding up signs to show their ummm gratitude. 

Necrosis is running from September 25 - October 11th and a portion of the proceeds from this event will be donated to Feed a Smile charity, which helps feed, clothe and provide education to children in Kenya. More information can be found here:

Infernal Alchemy - Gorey Rose Bush

Animated with an impale pose. An exclusive at Necrosis  

H&C Wheels Draccool  

Fully funtional, this is a special release for Necrosis .  

Black Jack Speed Shop -SKULLY  Gacha 

Shown are Rare Miss Skelly Whorepants, Mr Skelly Fancypants and Ms Skelly Witchypants. 4 rares and 6 commons. Ultrarare is fatpack. You can play this at Necrosis

Black Jack Speed Shop  Death Express

Includes open and closed doors versions. This is an exclusive at Necrosis 

Little Branch - Pink Flowers3{Field} 

100% mesh, realistic textures rounded and square versions included. 

Little Branch - WildGrass*1Li{Dry}

Little Branch - Crabapple Tree.v2

{Animated}*4Seasons  100%mesh - Animated - 4 Seasons - Instant Rez - Zero Lag

Little Branch - Crispy Grass

{Animated}*Seasons*Soft 100%Mesh  + 4 Seasons + Low Lag

Lilith's Den - Dark Floral Spider String Pumpkin
- Dark  Cobweb Pumpkin
- Dark Spider String Pumpkin



Monday, October 5, 2020

Her Special Place


 Another beautiful set by Tylars Treasures is the SPANK ME! collection. Each piece is sold separately so you can purchase only which ones you wish for your decor. 

Shown here: 

-Side Table -  Decor only item to enhance the look of the set
- Drapes with 5 color texture menu by touch
- Chandelier on/off by touch
-Couch  bento spank + cuddles + adult. Animated with 9 bento spanks + squence, 6 bento couples cuddles + sequence, and 9 adult couples animations + sequence
- Rug decor only with 5 texture change menu by touch
- Ottoman with spanking implements, decor only