Saturday, December 15, 2018

Magik Cabin

Such a magical forest and centered within was the witch's cabin with the doors depicting the Tree of Life upon them. 

Dragon Magick Wares - Elemental A-Frame
An exclusive at Winters Hollow Dec 14-31, this is a 2 story mesh home with a 17x25.5 footprint and is only 53 prims. There is a demo available so come check it out. Also at the event by Dragon Magick Wares , is the lovely Crystal Rug. This is 2 prims and includes a resize script. It is their 5L Gift!

Astara - Winter Snowglobe 
This is another exclusive for Winters Hollow. It is 5li at standard size, includes snowflake lighting effects, a customization hud with 5 globe colors and 5 wood colors. It also includes resize features.

The Plastik - Runalla Candles
The Fantasy Collective December round exclusive, these beautiful 100% Custom Mesh, Copy, Modify, no trans, Hud controlled candle wax.

The Plastik- Tannenbaum Holli Platter 
100% custom Mesh, Copy, Mod Comes with wearable cookies, platter gives cookies on touch. Seven colors included. This is an exclusive for Tannenbaum November 17-December 22

{Candle and Cauldron} - Witch Hearth
This Victorian inspired heart comes with 3 stage fire options, a texture hud,  and is materials enabled.
This is also an exclusive at Winters Hollow.

*Lunacy* // - Crystal Desire 
These great crystals are copiable so you can set out several of them and with the texture change hud, can have different colors as well if you desire. This is also an exclusive at Winters Hollow.

Friday, December 14, 2018

Fairy Gardens

Anna's Attic -Tiny Gardens 
These adorable fairy gardens for your landscaping or porch decor, will be $99L each at the Garden of Shadows - Enchanted Yule II round Dec 15-30. Also, the Pixie lantern shown will be the gift at the event.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Elves are Escaping

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 Shopping List

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop - Fantasy Glowing Flowers Field 
These beautiful flowers in 2 versions are a prize for the Naughty or Nice hunt Dec 1-31

Dictatorshop -  Frosty Swing - Multiversion v1.0 
The Frosty Swings are a Seduction Fair exclusive and are only sold there from December 7-21 at a 20% discount.  The Frosty Swing comes in two versions sold separately: 
PG -This version rezzes only the PG version of the swing (rezzing happens from the logo button on the back of the tree).  It contains 125 animations with a large variety of individually controlled single sits as well as lots of fun PG cuddles, kisses and socializing. 
 And then the Frosty Swing - Multiversion -
This version has a choice of three rezzable swings inside (rezzing happens from the logo button on the back of the tree).

Khargo- Giant Baubles gacha collection
A Sponsor exclusive at The Gacha Life Dec 5-31, there are 8 versions of the giant baubles with 1 rare. Great for decorating outside.

The Crones Garden-Rebel Elves! 
This prize for the Grumpy Santa Hunt Dec 3-31 pretty much goes without saying. These elves have managed to get some revenge for those long holiday work hours. Hint: Let's cook up some holiday treats

Thursday, December 6, 2018

It's Cold Outside

 The Frozen Solid Cart Sale and Hunt begins December 1st and runs until December 31st.

The merchants have been getting frosty goodies ready just in time for the holiday season.
Below you can view photos of the gifts you will find if you participate in the hunt but make sure to stop and check out the carts as well. Each has an exclusive themed and L$10 item, not to mention the free gifties and gachas. Plus everyone is being very generous and no item is more than L$150

*Sassy Brats* Sleigh Welcome Mat
This item is a great decor piece that can be found for sale at the cart sale and hunt

Lilith's Den -  Snow White
Look closely to see the white kitty as he wanders among the snowballs. This item is a hunt item to be found at the cart sale and hunt.

Harambee Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop - Funny Snow Kitty
This cute snow kitty is a $10L item at the cart sale.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Silent Night..

Snow is falling outside, blanketing the ground with those plush white layers. The sunlight streams through the windows and it's quiet as could be within. But even such tranquility is free of some whimsical conversation starters.

Shopping List

 MOoH! - Christmas snowglobe
This is an exclusive hunt item for Grumpy Santa Hunt  Dec 3 - 31 HINT: Have you been evil?

Off the Wall - Escaped from Grumpy Santa! 
This adorable little reindeer sits in a chair and can keep you company on a quiet evening. It rezzes in petite size and then by touch can be enlarged as you like. It is another prize in the Grumpy Santa Hunt . See hint giver at store for hint.

The Dark Fae's Grumpy Santa Snowglobe 
Is another great gift in the Grumpy Santa Hunt. Santa shows us all how he is feeling in that silent picture kind of way..FULL MOON!. As an added bonus, the creator also created a gacha of snowglobes in the main entrance of the store. These snowglobes go along with the Santa, HOWEVER, the Santa will ONLY be available during the hunt so if you want the whole collection you have to find the hunt prize! HINT: I've Gone Camping

.:Short Leash:. Naughty Present 
This Grumpy Santa Hunt gift shows all who's been a naughty girl or boy this year. HINT: What a lovely view of the park! 

In addition to the hunt items, shown are some fantastic furnishing by Salacity
 The Leather Living Room set, was released piece by piece over several months in fall 2017. Most pieces were released through events. They are all now available through the main store and in the Marketplace. They are not "new" but they are part of the same set that the end tables and coffee tables were designed to fit. Includes Ottoman, Loveseat, Easy Chair, and Sofa which all come in a PG, Adult, and Kink versions. They also include a by touch texture change menu and several animations.

The Leather Living Room Tables are the newest items and match the rest of the Leather Living Room Furniture Set. The Coffee Table comes in Adult, Kink, PG versions with regular and low prim options and by touch texture change menu. The End Table comes in 4 versions including a low prim version and also has a by touch texture change menu.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Not a Creature was Stirring..

Twisted Krissmuss Dec 1-Jan 2 is open and there are many fabulous items (including $100L exclusives), you can pick up for yourself or as a gift for someone else.  Some of those great items are shown in the picture above and made the perfect decor theme for our leisure room. 

Little2Large-  A Christmas Surprise 
 This festive little rat has a (possibly unpleasant) Christmas Surprise in his near future!

Magnum Opus  Christmas in Plaid Christmas Tree
The Christmas Tree is their 100L exclusive at the event. One of the hot new trends in decorating for the holidays. Also shown by Magnum Opus and available at the event, are the following:
 Simple Wreathe is a new release
The Rug and the Christmas theme of the chair and stool are also new releases.
The "Nailed It!" item is a new subscriber gift and people are able to subscribe at Twisted Krissmuss
Merry Christmas Blocks
Let It Snow snow globe

Satomi's 2017 Calm City Skyline

Friday, November 30, 2018

Autumn Royalty

 The Little Branch has another gorgeous tree for us! The Red Bud Tree is an animated tree with a 4 season texture change menu by touch. This is an exclusive at Uber Monthly November 25- December 22.
Also shown and by The Little Branch is Grass.V4. also animated mesh as well as Snakeweed which includes the 4 Seasons texture change menu.