Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Grand Opening Party

 It was the party of the year! All of the town's citizens had been invited to celebrate the grand re-opening of the Arkham Sanitarium. A place where their loved ones with special peculiarities could get the very best care with Nurse Ratchet, Doctor Payne, and the special needs surgeon, Doctor Butcher. Oh it was going to be fantastic! But, no matter how much they had hoped, the sun wasn't to come out that day, rather, a brown haze covered the air, and fog drifted over the ground, reaching it's ghostly fingers towards those who dared to show up. There was even a ghostly visage of the Founder's face as he looked upon the gathering, insisting each take a shower before joining the rest, a strange quirk of his..that reached out from beyond the grave.

 LoveFest opens tomorrow and wow are we excited! There are so many things to do and see! Special entertainment, readings, parties, shopping, exclusives, even a hunt! LoveFest 2018: A Path to Madness runs from August 17 -26. Strange things are going to be afoot during this week, come join us for the fun..if you dare... Once the festival opens tommorrow evening, check back on this blog or on the Event's Blog for location.

Simply Shelby exclusives for LoveFest 2018: A Path to Madness

#1 - Rock Horror Pond (includes rotating fish and fog)
#2 - Rocky Horrors These 3 fellows have glowing faces and watch all you do!
#3 - Enchanted Outdoor Shower - PG With animations for a proper shower per the Founder's orders
 #4- Dia de los Meurtos Bench with/without flowers options. A place to rest once your feet get sore from all the dancing.
#5 - LoveCraft Silhouette. Spooky...the Founder himself looks over the party, making sure all the rules are obeyed..
#6 -  Dia De Los Meurtos Lanterns in aqua or purple(with or without flowers options). Because murky doesn't even begin to describe how the skies look right now.

#7 - LoveCraft Party Gacha. Necessary items to throw a righteous par-tay! This gacha collection includes,  4 Rare Horror cakes with moving eyes, 3 common party hats, 2 Cthulhu cookies, 2 drink trays, 3 table decor, and 4 party tables all in various colors. 

Jay BattleScars 8.0 - Industrial windlight used

Hobo Luxury

Ahh this is the life! 2 bedrooms for my buddy and I to camp out in! A bit dirty perhaps but functional. 

 Shopping List

Armari Design created some great urban furniture exclusives for Hashtag- Urban Aug 16-30

Urban Dirty Mattress (Adult) is an update to a prior version. All new poses to sit man, woman, cuddle, BDSM, sex and sleep (15 Man, 9 Woman, 17 Cuddly, 28 Sex, 10 BDSM). 12 Land impact and Copy, Mody, no Transfer
 Urban Couch (adult) is an update to a prior version. All new poses to sit man, woman, cuddle, BDSM, sex and sleep. (15 Man, 9 Woman, 17 Cuddly, 28 Sex, and 10 BDSM)
12 Landimpact, Copy, Mody, no Transfer

Cosy Urban Sofa (adult) includes 15 Man Sit, 9 Woman Sit, 17 Cuddly, 28 Sex, 10 BDSM and 5 Sleep poses. 2 Landimpact, copy, mody, no transfer

Urban  Dirty Bed (Adult) 15 Man Sit, 9 Woman Sit, 17 Cuddly, 28 Sex, 10 BDSM and 5 Sleep poses. 2 Landimpact and copy, mody, no transfer

 Salacity - The Staging Stall  is a 3 sided room for photographers to set up scenes. You can change the textures for the columns, walls, and floor with the 36 texture change menu by touch. There are also 5 preset themes.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

New Beach Ride

Little Branch - Sweet ChestNut Tree. This 100% mesh, animated tree includes a 4 seasons by touch menu. It is instant rez so no lag involved. An exclusive at Cosmopolitan - Aug 12 - 25.. Also enhancing the scene is various grasses and hill  also by Little Branch. The grass is animated as well for a realistic ambience!

Dreamland Designs- Running Water Faucet Planter. A great idea to beautify those ugly pipes! This is an exclusive at Twe12ve - Beach Round Aug 12-31.

Adorably Strange Wares -The Crimson Cay Dunebuggy includes 4 sit animations and is another fantastic exclusive at Twe12ve

*Funky*Junk* - Corvallis Cottage. A great 2-story house with various rooms and wrap around porch. Interior is done in neutral colors to make decorating a breeze.

School Starts Again Soon

And the best thing ever is to have a great dorm to enjoy it all in!

Salacity - Dorm Bed (low) and Dorm Dresser are both exclusives for the XXX Event Aug 18-Sept 3.  They are 100% mesh, with the bed sporting 69 animations (35 solo + 34 couples with MF, FF, and MM), many texture options (for both), plus Xcite and Sensations ready. 

Dictatorshop -  Bucket Seat - Adult Throne v1.1. The [Ds] Bucket Seats come in two varieties (sold separately) to allow you to pick just what you need.  The Adult Kink is a throne suitable for Maledom or Femdom and switches.  The menus are broken down into easy to navigate categories.  Both versions contain 11 fabric, 7 frame and 4 plastic textures which can be accessed from the logo button on the back of the seat (or the bar running in front of it). The PG version has all of the style without any of the distracting adult content. Both are 20% off during Cosmopolitan - Aug 12 - 25.

Zombie Suicide -Tentacle Chalice part of a Gacha Collection of great Tentacle Chalices which include 4 rare and 12 commons

The Little Bat - Pastel Poster Set V1 is an exclusive at the BitterSweet Event Aug 10-26.It includes 6 cute pastel Goth posters to decorate your space with

 Salacity - The Staging Stall  is a 3 sided room for photographers to set up scenes. You can change the textures for the columns, walls, and floor with the 36 texture change menu by touch. There are also 5 preset themes.

Monday, August 13, 2018

Beach Bummin Times

 A great place to relax out on the beach!

 Shopping List

LpOca - Chair Beach on sale at the Up! Event Aug 1-15. Includes Chairs, lemonade table, umbrella, tile pathway and palms. Chairs include 6 sit animations. They also have a 10L gift which is the Beach stones decor.
Ecstasy Design - Sandcastle Includes bucket and flag and is also available at the same event.

Little Branch Photo Contest L$32k Prizes

★·.·´¯`·.·★ We have great news to share ★·.·´¯`·.·★
 Hello everyone, we have something really exciting to share with you. The Little Branch are holding a a new flickr photo contest. Everyone can participate and there will be 10 winners chosen.
 ✁ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------✁
 ★·.·´¯`·.·★ Wednesday 1st August – Saturday 1st September ★·.·´¯`·.·★
 ✁ --------------------------------------------------------------------------------✁
 The Little Branch Flickr Contest Rules:
 Anyone can participate, there will be 10 winners in total, and prizes are listed below.
 ❁ Take ONE picture only, including a minimum of 3 Little Branch items, preferably recent items. Items must be displayed clearly, covering at least 70% of the picture. As this is a Home & Garden contest, the picture needs to be avatar free, high quality and advanced lighting must be used.
 ❁ Join The Little Branch flickr group and submit your picture here:
 Optional but highly recommended. Post in facebook and tag Little Branch.
 ❁ Tag your picture with the LB, littlebranch, secondlife, Little Branch Contest and SL Please add “The Little Branch Contest” in your description.
  ❁ Post your entry, ONE entry per person in the mail box at Little Branch located here. To post entry, press ctrl and drag your texture into the "Contest DropBox".
 ❁ Only new pictures created once the contest has started will be considered.
 ❁ Contest winners will be announced on flickr and in The Little Branch in-world group.
 Follow The Little Branch here:
 Contest Winners Awards
 1st Place: 20k Lindens
2nd Place: 7k Lindens
3rd Place: 5k Lindens
4th – 10th Place: Pack of The Little Branch’s last 5 releases
 Good luck and remember to have fun!
 The Little Branch Team
 For questions or customer service related issues, contact either Cari McKeenan or julieuk2012.

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Roughing It

 Ahhhh yes..this is the life! Gwen and I decided to go camping, so of course had to bring our essentials and rented this great little cabin in the woods. We are sure roughing it!

Adorably Strange Wares - The Scarlet Sunflower Glamp for  Gacha Life's August Glam round August 5-31,. This collection consists of 7 commons and 2 rares to be won.