Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A Special VIP Guest?


Come into my parlor and have a drink. The party is soon to start and our special VIP guest shall arrive! Who is it, you wonder? That's a special secret, but you can guess from the pictures on the wall. 


Ok she isn't really coming but I am such a HUGE fan of Laura K Hamilton that I was thrilled to get the chance to blog these quotes. 


Shopping List 


 ZFG (Zero F***s Given) For Home - LKH Quotes Poster Gacha with 12 quotes to collect! At The Gacha Life October 5-31

Khargo Halloween - Skeleton Coffin Bar  This item has animations and a drinks dispenser.  Mix those Cocktails to make your Halloween go with a bang! This is an exclusive at Twe12ve October 12-31

Khargo Halloween - Potted Hand with Broom. This decor item is a 10L special at Mad Circus 6 October 10-31

 Khargo Halloween - Jars  Gacha with 9 spooky jars to collect with 1 rare. This is also an exclusive at The Gacha Life October 5-31

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