Wednesday, September 2, 2020

A Magical Spot by the River's Edge


Such a magical place next to the river, I am so happy with our new home. There is a gateway as well to take us to another dimension when needed and of course magik items within. Keep scrolling to check things out.

Shown in the pictures are: 

The Little Branch -  Cypress Oak v1 and v2.

These are animated with a 4 seasons texture menu by touch, copy/mod, and have realistic textures
Both trees are available at the Uber event August 25 - September 22

Also shown from The Little Branch:
Springweed_cluster, a deco only item to enhance your landscaping look. 

Potted White Birch - Animated,  includes 2 versions, Fall and Green, copy/mod, and has realistic textures.  On sale at Equal10 August 10 - September 5.  

Items created by Raindale:

 - Smallbury hut The hut is 45Li in default size, you can switch between summer and winter styles via HUD. Hut comes with animated hearth (fire, sound and smoke on touch). Doors scripted with Kool door system, you can change access and some other settings via menu copy/mod

 - Oldmount stove Touch the stove for sound and fire effect (inside) Touch the cauldron for smoke particles copy/mod

- Fairstar hideout Land impact 20, You can un-link lights and ladder to lower Li Copy/mod

 -  Darkmore set Comes with daybed (11Li, 20 solo and 8 couples animations), 3 types of lamps (light on/off on touch, 1Li each), coffee table (1Li) and decor (candles, tarot cards, books and spirit board - 1Li per object) You can customize daybed, cushions and leather elements of the table via HUD (5 colors to choose)

 -  Rockpass arch 2 versions of the arch included: 12Li (normal) and 4Li (low LOD, use for smaller spaces or for bigger size)Texture change menu on touch with 10 colour options for gems, 5 for rock and 5 for wood (you can change access or delete script when you finish customizing)

 These items are all 25% off at Mystical Market August 28- September 8

Also by Raindale is a really cute hunt item at the event. The Fairyland lantern includes 2 mirrrored versions, light on/off, copy/mod, and is materials enabled.

More 5L hunt items at Mystical Market include: 

Laminak - Haunted Houses Art
Angelic Designs - [Bad Night] Fire Bowl
Old World - Dried Grasshoppers
LOVE - Victorian Street Lantern - with animated moths


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