Wednesday, March 25, 2020

It's Geode to Have Tea with You

Such a great place to relax and even a whimsical touch added to brighten up our decor.

-Afternoon Tea Set - 50L
Modern Kettle Sets - 25L each 3 different colors to choose from
Modern Napkin Sets - 25L each 3 different colors to choose from
Blue Plate Specials - 25L each
Wine Poached Pear - 25L
Fairy Cakes - 10L each
 On sale at the Wash's Cart Sale March 25 - April 15th. So many items for sale from fashion to home and garden. Items for sale from 10L to 50L at each cart! 

 Little Branch - PottedPlant{BigLeaf}
 100%Mesh - Realistic Textures

FaceDesk - Mid-Century Modern Livingroom Set PG
Comes with Sofa, Chair, 4 Geode End Tables (2 + 2 bonus!) and Coffee Table, in a Mid-Century Modern Style for your living room! FEATURES:
    Materials Enabled
    6 cushion textures, 7 pillow textures, 5 blanket textures
    PG and ADULT versions with 100's of special poses
    Different poses in chair and sofa
    Texture change menu

.: RatzCatz :. Wall Clock Cat *Kasimir* 
Can be set to keep RL time in your timezone!

Ever Green Formerly Lunar Seasonal Designs - Menu Driven Mint and Apricot Decorative Area Rug

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