Thursday, March 14, 2019

Inside the Poolhouse

So today we continue our tour through the pool house with more fantastic finds for you.

Shopping List

(sponsors in bold)

All the items listed below can be found at Boardwalk March 15 - April 15

Fat Bird - Peregrine Pool House Also available in white version. Both houses are copy/mod, mesh, materials enabled and mod friendly. They are 60 prims. The approximate footprint is 20x15. More about the house can be found on the previous post HERE

Fat Bird - Tropical Bird Prints  a series of three wall art posters featuring tropical birds. They are mesh, materials enabled and mod friendly. They have a land impact score of 3 prims. Tags you can use would be mesh, materials, fat bird, tropical, pool house, pool, summer, island, jungle, birds, palm tree, conservatory, waterfall, etc.

Park Place-
- Spring Patio Sofa This sofa is available in G, PG, and Adult versions.  It is also texture change (with a hud) - green, blue, pink, yellow, and red. 12Li
(magazines are included in this package)
-Chrome & Rattan Coffee Table with Accessories - (accessories include the magazine basket and iced tea tray)
-Tropical Ceiling Fan -  menu-driven with on/off and variable speeds  4Li menu driven speed on/off
-Miniature Chair Planter 3Li

DsR - Shelf
2Li, 6 textures, 77 animations. RLV control, no poseballs, experience ready

Z.O.E. (Zanne's Odds and Ends)
- Hanging Door Picture Frames
 2Li add your own pictures
-Classic Southern Ceiling Fan For the light, click the lamp globe.  For the fan, click the blades.
-Child Sized Comfy Chair 2 2Li 6 single animations
-Child Sized Comfy Chair 1 2Li 6 single animations
- Adult Sized Comfy Chair 2 2Li 12 single animations
- Adult Sized Comfy Chair 1 2Li 12 single animations

Magnum Opus The Linen Cabinet 12 Land Impact, Resizer, Packaged as a linked set and also as separate pieces. Arrange it how you like.

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